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"GAP software - good tennis for busy lifestyles"

Common complaints about regular tennis sessions or leagues are that you are committed to be there every week, and that you're never sure of good matches. Not so with a GAP event. GAP stands for gather and play. It is designed for hassle-free running of that weekly tennis gathering for doubles players.

  • No commitment - players can come whenever it suits them.
  • Even matches - always play with others of similar skill.
  • Easy to set up and quick and simple to use. download now

How does GAP work

Click to see GAP fullsizeThe GAP program maintains a ranking list, based on court performance, for all participating players. The key to using GAP is that each time you run a doubles session, you use the latest Ranking List to assign players to courts according to their ranking.

As players assemble, you mark them off on the List. At the scheduled start time, the top 4 ranked players present on the list are assigned to court 1, the next 4 to court 2, and so on. Each court is given a scorecard, which can also be printed by the program.

Various game formats can be used, but the following works well for a typical two hour session. Each court plays 3 sets with the players swapping partners after each set. The players' scores for each set are recorded separately on the court scorecard. The organizer gathers all the scorecards and enters the results into GAP which then calculates a new ranking list.

New players can be added to GAP at any time. Furthermore, they can be positioned on the ranking list at an appropriate level so as to immediately provide them with good doubles tennis. And having good tennis is what using GAP is all about.

GAP costs $US95 and requires Windows 98 or later. (download the free trial)

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