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Nice comments from happy Double Happy users.

"I am more than happy to donate $50 for the upgrade. Your software is amazing and there is no way I could have easlily and professionally have handled: 1. 40 players 2. One no show 3. A Mom having to rest not once but twice during the event due to a crying baby. 4. Two players having to leave the event early.
Will I donate??? Heck yes! Thank you, thank you." (Dale, California)

"Over the past few months we have been using Double Happy to run our weekly doubles mix ins. It is a great programme and you are to be commended for the concept. " (Richard, UK)

"Here is one photo from the event. This was a great success. I have had several people tell me it was our best corporate outing ever. Part of that credit goes to your program. It helped run the tournament smoothly. We had enough time to go through 4 rounds of play. The top four in each group level then played a final. Cats and dogs was a lot of fun. We used it as a way to get started. I will send you a picture of it as soon as I can locate it. We ended up with about 25 people on the court at once. " (Duane, USA)

"I've been using the Double Happy program for probably around a year now. I run a round robin 3 times per week at my tennis club……… Your programs are awesome Chris. I can't thank you enough for what you do for folks like me. " (Sam, USA)

"Wow, this is a fantastic upgrade! Thank you so much for the effort in making Double Happy even better. Many of the new features will immediately allow us to make our socials more fun and more professional. I'm impressed." (Dave, USA)

"Everyone was very impressed by how smoothly things went and how well the program was run. Many people even stopped by my computer to take a look at the program. Now I can look forward to running the events and actually even be a participant because the program literally runs itself. One of the best features is how I can sit people out and rotate them back in at the click of a mouse. " (Carla, USA)

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