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What's New in Version 4

Version 4 was released in October 2008. It is a major upgrade containing many enhancements. Here are the highlights;
  • A start-up wizard makes it easier for occasional users to remember what to do. It enables quickly loading a usual player file or restoring a previous event.

  • A new Display function shows the players by court in a larger font and without group symbols. It also lists the players alphabetically along with their court assignments or status (i.e. Rest, Wait). This enables the organiser, or the players themselves, to quickly check what court they're on or whether they're sitting out.

  • The Mixing formula has been improved by giving greater priority to players who have sat out the longest. The Games column in the Player List now shows the number of consecutive games sat out by each player followed by the number of games played. e.g. 1-3 means sat out once and played 3 games.

  • Double Happy now automatically decides how many courts to use for each round, depending on the number of players and the maximum courts available.

  • A new player status of Gone has been introduced. It has a red stop symbol that will differentiate a Gone player from a Rested player.

  • Events can now be backed up and restored. A restored event can then be continued. Double Happy also automatically backs up an event after each round.

  • A new event can be started without shutting down Double Happy. The current player list is retained.

  • An event can be exported as a csv type file which can be opened in Excel.

Version 4 pricing and upgrades

Double Happy V4 costs $US79. Order here. Upgrades from version 3 are by donation of any amount you fancy. That's right - you just pay whatever you think it's worth.

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