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"Your software is amazing and there is no way I could have easily and professionally have handled: 1. 40 players 2. One no show 3. A Mom having to rest not once but twice during the event due to a crying baby. 4. Two players having to leave the event early... Thank you, thank you."
Dale, California

"If you have social tennis events to organize,
 you owe it to yourself to check out Double Happy."

The next time you need to organize a fun doubles tournament just click on Double Happy. This super tennis software will quickly help you schedule the draw and run a memorable event. Now you can look forward to happy club members, customers, or guests. And you will even get to enjoy the tennis yourself.
  • Schedule live on the day, or prepare your event in advance.
  • Flexible. Vary the type of doubles, change the number of courts, rest players, over-ride court assignments. No shows, or late comers. It's no worry with the Double Happy software.
  • Easy to set up and quick and simple to use.
Social doubles events are typically run on one day or evening. You have a group of players who are usually of mixed ability. You have a number of courts available. Your mission is to organize play so that everyone gets several enjoyable games. Each game should be with different partners and against different opponents.

Sounds easy - but the truth can often be frustratingly different. It's tough enough keeping track of who has played with who, but even tougher to also balance the skill levels of all the players.

As soon as you download and try Double Happy, you'll find that your chances of success just took a turn for the better. Read some testimonials from happy users of Double Happy.

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Features and Benefits.

  • Run Double Happy live - great when you're not sure who will turn up.
    • Add late comers as they arrive.
    • Rest players at their request, or flag as Gone.
    • Change the number of courts as necessary.
    • Use the Countdown timer.
    • Show off a little bit! You deserve it.
  • Or Prepare your event in advance and just print the details of each Round.
  • Put players into up to 6 groups. This is how you can balance skill levels, separate the sexes, or for whatever grouping you require.
  • Use any one of 5 different Mix types to assign the players to courts.
  • Drag and drop players from one court to another. Marvellous when you want to tweak things a little.
  • Change the Mix type from round to round. e.g. Play a Mixed doubles then a Straight doubles.
  • Double Happy can handle 200 players on up to 21 courts. If that's not enough then please tell us.
  • Create a player master file and reload it for each event.
  • Free support and encouragement.

Not just for tennis!

Double Happy was developed for tennis but the software is perfectly suited to any sport or pastime where games are played with partners. Use it to organize fun events for table tennis, badminton, bowling, darts, bowls, cards, board games, etc.

Download and try Double Happy.

System Requirements

Windows 98 or later. Minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768.

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"For me, deep down, I think it is I just love to play tennis. I love the game......."
Monica Seles

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