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Topspin Systems specialises in software for sports and recreation. We believe that managing a club or association should not be an onerous task so we aim to make it easy and even personally rewarding for you.

Promato, for Membership management, was introduced in 2005 - an early and shining example of online web based software. The system was designed to meet the needs of a real live club and has evolved into the service you see today. Development is ongoing and driven by our customers' wish list.

In 2011 Promato became a closed service for Tennis NZ clubs. At the same time Topspin Systems introduced Club2ic for club membership management which is available to any club or organisation.

Topspin Systems also produces the following stand alone software:

  Round Robin Calculator - produces draws and schedules for sports leagues - very very easy

  Double Happy - doubles event organiser for any sport or pastime played with partners

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Topspin Systems Ltd, Takapuna, New Zealand

Phone: +64 021634851

Email: inbox@topspin.co.nz

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