What is Promato?

A primary concern of any club is keeping track of its members. However, a club is not like a normal workplace.
  • Club officers are often volunteers in honorary positions
  • Officers generally do not share homes or work places
  • Volunteers have differing priorities, skills and enthusiasm
  • Turnover of officers is guaranteed
Each club officer needs access to the member list, but their requirements vary. The difficulty in sharing means that a club often finds itself with several lists. Duplication leads to doubt and then even more double work. Volunteers come and go and the cycle repeats.

The solution is Promato - a shared online database of members accessed via the internet.

Promato maintains a club's membership records

  • contact data – name, address, phone, email, etc
  • club specific data – member types, financial year
  • variable data – e.g. key numbers, team
  • family memberships
  • privacy – enables members to opt-out of phone lists

Promato maintains each member's status

  • enables members to register and pay online
  • captures fees payments
  • sets fees status – Paid, Part paid, Unpaid, or Honorary
  • prints or emails customisable Renewal Notices (invoices)
  • records payment history

Promato maintains membership groups

  • group members by any classification
  • email groups or selected members
  • search by group

Inquiries, reports and statistics

  • counts of current members by type and fees status
  • phone and address lists
  • labels by individual or families
  • members joined or resigned as at any date
  • members by selected age group
  • export list to a spreadsheet


  • Peace of mind - knowing the who, what, where, when, how much …… of your membership
  • Sharing - everyone is using the same data
  • Professionalism - you’re seen to be in control
  • Ease of use - little or no training required
  • Accessibility - wherever you can connect to the Internet. No software to install on any PC.
  • Secure - password access and authority levels
  • Best of all - more time to enjoy your pastime or sport!


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